Advice on use Avoid metallic utensils. They could scratch and result in the crumbling of the utensil. We advise the use of wooden or silicone spatulas to preserve the metal. Advice on maintenance Do not use dishwashers. The cleaning products are too detergent, and tend to eat out the aluminium. The cleaning products adequate for cleaning, are the following: -Blanc de Meudon, special brand -White vinegar, -Salt, -Soapy water, -Bicarbonate of soda, -Clay stone A mix of these products, will bring back the shine to aluminium. However, make sure you rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth. Avoid the use of a stainless steel sponge. Stainless steel scratches aluminium, and could make it crumble into the food. The use of metallic sponges makes the utensil, dangerous for the user. The standard green sponge remains the most adapted, to the cleaning of aluminium. Avoid lemon, it is too corrosive. For daily use, handwashing with soapy water is sufficient.